Before you sell a diamond, you'll want to learn everything about the process, from preparing your diamond to getting it appraised to selling it.

You won’t find a better guide than this one if you are looking to sell diamonds. To help you get through all that, we have put together this page. You will find either some helpful tips, a commonly asked question, or some information about diamonds and diamond sales in each section.

This is why we made the decision to share all our expert knowledge right here, right now, in order to make the selling process as easy as possible. Good luck!

Where’s the Best Place to Sell Diamonds?

Many people are unaware of where to sell diamonds. There are so many options out there when it comes to selling diamond rings, but you do not know where to begin. A diamond salesman may feel intimidated by the prospect of selling diamonds, especially if he or she is unfamiliar with the diamond industry.

You can, however, obtain all the necessary information regarding your important questions by researching local diamond buyers. As a result, if you intend to sell your diamond, you should be prepared as much as possible. The key to success is knowledge.

How Do I Sell My Diamond?

It is important to understand that if you sell your diamond at a cheaper price than market value, you will most likely get a much lower price than what it is worth. However, as most places will offer ridiculously low prices for diamonds, you need to know some things before trying to sell diamonds.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to selling, including jewelry stores, pawnshops, and private diamond buyers. In terms of pawnshops and stores, there is only one major advantage: convenience. You will not have to search for a real individual who is interested in your diamond. In any case, you should remember that you will usually be paying the most for your diamond if you sell it privately.

It is preferable for jewelry stores to buy from the same suppliers most of the time, rather than from you. A rare diamond may attract their attention. In this case, the price would still be lower.

If you choose to sell diamonds at your local pawn shop, you will not be successful. Most of the time, you’ll find even lower prices at a Pawnshop since they’re known for their low prices. This is why it is advisable to stay away from “cash for diamonds” shops, since they tend to offer the lowest prices on diamonds.

How Do I Sell My Diamond?

Direct buyers are most likely your best option if you want to get the best price for your diamond. Despite being the most risky of all three, this is a very profitable investment. Using websites like Craigslist or looking for buyers locally, you can find clients online. If you don’t want to sell diamonds on eBay, consider selling them on Amazon. However, Amazon charges a commission of 15% on all sales. Nonetheless, a private diamond buyer is the best option if you’re looking to sell a diamond for a good price.

When Is The Right Time To Sell Diamonds?

Diamond prices fluctuate less than the prices of gold or silver, so when to sell diamond jewelry depends mostly on you. If you are in need of a price for a valuable piece of jewelry, do your research and make sure you receive an appropriate price for it.

However, you should sell the diamond sooner than when it was originally purchased. It is generally preferable to sell new products to customers. A relatively new diamond in pristine condition is much easier to sell.

What Is the Typical Diamond Appraisal Process?

The purpose of a diamond appraisal is to determine a diamond’s value and price. To determine the price you should receive for diamonds that you are willing to sell, you should have them appraised. An appraisal of a diamond typically takes less than an hour, depending on the expert.

As part of the process, the diamond is tested in a number of ways, including measurement, weight, close inspection with a magnifying glass, and searching for the characteristics described earlier that characterize diamonds.

Helpful Tips for Selling Diamond

To help you make the most money from selling your diamond, keep these things in mind: 

  1. Certified diamonds from GIA 
  2. Get the best price for your diamonds by finding a reputable buyer
  3. Understanding the buyer’s policy 

As a result, you can expect a safe, easy, and confident process for selling your diamonds.