Looking to sell platinum or get cash for platinum jewelry, but have a few questions first?

With us, you’re covered! It is our goal to provide you with information that will help you make informed decisions as you sell your platinum. The following document explains all about the what’s, the whys, the how’s, and the best ways to sell platinum for cash! Feel free to call us if you have any further questions – we love to answer questions! By following this guide, you will have an easier time selling platinum as you’ll be familiar with the nuances involved.

What is Platinum?

A luxurious piece of jewelry is often created from platinum as it is one of the purest and rarest metals on earth. Due to its durability, titanium is a popular choice for diamond rings and wedding bands because it is resistant to scratches and abrasions. The silvery-white sheen of platinum only enhances its appeal. Platinum is a very expensive metal, so many people are turning to palladium, which is less expensive. Platinum is a good option for jewelry and rings if your budget permits, and if you decide to sell it later, you will find a buyer. Due to platinum’s high value, the metal is not a difficult prospect to sell.

Where’s the Best Place to Sell Platinum?

Whatever platinum jewelry you’d like to sell, there’s bound to be buyers. However, which buyer should you choose? There are many options. There are a number of popular options available to you, such as auctions, pawnshops, and private buyers. Our recommendation is to sell platinum to a private buyer since this is the best method for making the most money with the least risk of scams. You can certainly sell your platinum rings to a private buyer if you have decided that you want to sell platinum rings. This could be your best and safest option as they will more than likely give you the best price.

If you are thinking of selling platinum, you will need to ensure that you find an honest and reliable buyer who will buy your platinum without any problems. Having so many stores popping up that are advertising, “we buy platinum”, it can be hard to know whom to trust. It is a good idea to read reviews and speak with the buyers, if you do not feel comfortable selling, move on to another seller. In addition, you shouldn’t forget that there won’t be a shortage of buyers who will be on the lookout for people wanting to sell platinum rings.

How is Platinum Appraised?

You won’t harm your valuables during the appraisal process, as it’s very simple. Your platinum will be tested, weighed, and inspected through different methods by the appraiser. When platinum is weighed, it can be distinguished from other similar metals by its weight.

An appraiser who knows their stuff can tell the difference, for example, between palladium and platinum, which looks the same but weighs less. Furthermore, the purity of your platinum, as well as any abrasions, will be tested. The appraiser will determine how much your platinum is worth.

Helpful Tips for Selling Platinum Successfully

You can sell platinum with ease if you keep these tips in mind: 

  1. Check the certification and calibration of a potential buyer’s scales. 
  2. There should be no need for the appraiser to take your platinum to a back room before testing it. 
  3. Check out what other customers have to say about your buyer. See what the BBB has to say about them.

You will have no problems selling platinum for a good price as long as you keep these tips in mind.