Ready to sell your diamond ring?

From preparing your diamond to getting an appraisal and selling your ring, you’re going to want to understand all the steps involved in selling your diamond ring. Diamond ring sales are not a usual practice, and as a result, there is a limited amount of information available. We understand how difficult it can be to sell a diamond ring and are well aware of that. We have been in the business for over three decades, and as such strive to make the selling process as straightforward as possible, which is why we have chosen to share our expertise right here on our website.

The following information will make the selling of your diamond ring or engagement ring much easier for you, if you are looking to sell a diamond ring online. Read on to learn more. Good luck selling diamonds!

Where is the Best Place to Sell My Diamond Ring?

In case you are asking yourself, “How do I sell my diamond engagement ring?” you have found the right place. Diamond rings can be sold in several ways. Your best payout and an enjoyable experience will be possible if you choose the right buyer.

  • There are options for buying and selling online, such as Ebay and Craigslist. But the process can be cumbersome and costly.
  • Be prepared to wait all day waiting for your engagement ring to sell at an auction, as most auctions only buy the most valuable diamonds.
  • A trustworthy dealer can be difficult to find for the private buyer. The good news is that if you find a reputable buyer who will make you a good offer on your diamond, you will receive a stellar cash payout.

It is best to sell a wedding ring to a private buyer if you are looking to sell one. A pre-owned engagement ring is highly unlikely to generate a high price at an auction, so it is unfair to sell it there. You should understand that if you want to sell a diamond ring online there are many risks and obstacles involved.

How Do I Sell My Diamond Ring?

Diamonds can be very intimidating to sell, especially when they are so valuable. To find the best diamond buyer, keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for how to sell your engagement ring:

  • Find companies with a good BBB rating. Make your choice after searching for reviews on Yelp and Google+.
  • Ensure that the company uses equipment that is certified by your state. Make sure you ask questions.
  • An actual estimated price should be included in the buyer’s policy. Exaggerated estimates may be given for marketing purposes.
  • Become familiar with your product. The understanding of determining factors such as the cut, shape, carat weight, and value will be incredibly helpful.

How Can I Calculate the Value of a Diamond Ring?

Approximately twenty factors influence the value of a diamond, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Cut, clarity, carat, and color are the four most important factors.

It is important to consider the 4Cs, the market value, and any brand name association when determining the resale value of your diamond ring.

What are the Four C's?

According to the GIA, diamonds are valued based on the 4 C’s.

Cut – A diamond’s cut is more than just its shape. The cut also has effects on the diamond’s appearance. Light will reflect differently from a diamond depending on how it is cut from the original stone. Poorly cut diamonds sparkle less than those with better light refraction, and are therefore appraised more highly. There are four grades of diamond cut.

Color – The hardest part of determining a diamond’s color is determining its color. There are different grades of diamond ranging from colorless (rated a D) to heavily colored (rated a Z). The most expensive diamonds are colorless. Check your diamond against a white sheet of paper to get a better sense of its color.

Clearness – The appraiser will look for inclusions on the diamond’s surface using a 10x magnification tool. Clarity is determined by looking for inclusions on the diamond’s surface. Included diamonds are typically worth less than diamonds without inclusions.

The clarity of a document can be graded from I to IF, with I being the lowest grade and IF being the highest.

Carat – A diamond’s carat size is determined by its height, width, and weight, which is measured by the appraiser.

How Does the GIA Grade the Four C's?

A numerical system is used by the GIA to determine the color and clarity of diamonds. Because a structurally perfect diamond should have no color, its color has nothing to do with the diamond’s appearance. Therefore, the grading system is based on variations in color intensity.

For clarity, the diamond is graded by looking at both the inside and outside of the diamond with a 10x magnifier. It is best to have a flawless diamond, meaning it has no inclusions in the diamond’s interior or surface.

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